Video: See Why Zoo Goers Suspect This Bear Is Man In Costume

A Chinese zoo had to dispute that a viral video showing one of their bears rising on its back legs was really a person dressed up in a bear costume.

A video of the Malaysian sun bear named Angela went viral when viewers observed that its long, skinny legs and the wrinkles in its fur made it seem like a human standing in a bear suit at the Hangzhou Zoo.

Because of this, zookeepers have had to acknowledge that Malaysian sun bears have a distinct look compared to other bears and are smaller in size than average.  Sun bears are roughly the size of a big dog.

When standing on its hind legs, the mature bear is only approximately 50 inches tall, but a grizzly bear may reach 9 feet.

According to reports, dogs have been dyed to appear like African cats and wolves, and donkeys have been painted to look like zebras in some Chinese zoos.

In 2013, it was discovered that an animal in a zoo in China was falsely labeled as an African lion.  According to claims in Chinese media, the zoo swapped out their real animal with a Tibetan mastiff.

A representative from the Henan provincial zoo said that a dog belonging to one of the employees had been placed in the cage after the genuine lion had been relocated to a breeding facility.

Visitors to the Louhe City Zoo felt duped, and they complained.  They were taken aback as they approached the “African lion” enclosure, where the alleged “lion” was barking like a dog.

In 2018, the Cairo Zoo in Egypt came under fire for allegedly attempting to trick tourists by using a donkey with fake zebra stripes painted on it.

The 18-year-old Mahmoud Sarhan claimed he saw a peculiar critter while visiting a new animal sanctuary.  Sarhan became suspicious when he saw that the ears were too large and that the black paint on the donkey’s face had dissolved.