Video Shows Biden Giving Creepy Nibble To Little Girl

As he departed Helsinki on Thursday, President Biden seemed to bite the shoulder of a shocked little girl lightly. 

At Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, the president met with embassy employees and their families, and the interaction was caught on camera. Biden may be seen in the video nuzzling a little girl’s shoulder.

When Biden, who will be 81 in November, sought to give the young girl a peck on the head, she moved away, seemingly afraid. The video of the event went viral, and many people took to social media to criticize the president for his, once again, odd conduct.

The film was dubbed as Biden’s “creepiest moment yet with a child” by Republican operative Caleb Hull. 

Greg Price, a Republican operative, joked that Biden equated infants with ice cream cones.

In response to the video, Donald Trump Jr. said he agrees with those who say Biden should be in a nursing home rather than leading the free world.

Tim Young, a political comedian, tweeted that this was “peak, disgusting pedo behavior.”

Joe Biden is not safe for children. Gross, Young said.

Upon returning from a five-day vacation to Europe, the president’s actions raised a few eyebrows. He attended a meeting in Lithuania to promote Finland’s membership in NATO and to show solidarity for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Biden’s trip was marred by several linguistic gaffes, notably his repeated confusion between Russia and Ukraine and their respective governments.

In his address, President Joe Biden called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “Vladimir,” apparently confusing him with Vladimir Putin of Russia.

At a subsequent public appearance, Biden again confused Ukraine with Russia.

If Russia withdrew its soldiers from Ukraine today, recognized Ukraine’s international borders, and stopped attacking it (by which he meant attacking Ukraine), Biden stated the conflict would end tomorrow.

These blunders follow a string of others made by Biden recently, such as when he told reporters last month that Putin was losing the fight in Iraq.