Video Shows MOMENTS Before Crash – 130 People On Board…

( A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 took a sharp vertical turn and nose-dived into the ground in southern China.

The crash was captured on video. The presumption is that all 130 people on board the plane have perished because no survivors have been found.

Flight data showed the aircraft was flying at just under 30,000 feet when it suddenly dove more than 20,000 feet in 60 seconds and slammed into the ground.

The plane was cruising in the Guangxi region in good weather; inclement weather was not a factor. It was 86 degrees Fahrenheit, winds were less than 12 miles per hour, with visibility as far as ten miles. There was no rain.

Meteorological contributing factors were non-existent.

The crash is still a mystery.

A manager for Wuzhou City Beichen Mining said that one of their surveillance cameras captured an image of the plane, which looked like it was 90 degrees vertical to the ground.

The cause of the plane crash is still under investigation. The airline is actively cooperating with investigators.

In a released statement, the company said they express deep condolences to the passengers and crew members who died in the plane crash.

China’s dictator,  Xi Jinping, ordered an immediate investigation, and China Eastern Airlines has grounded all of its 737-800s.

An eyewitness of the crash, although very far away, could still see that it was a plane. The witness would only identify by his surname, Liu, said, “The plane did not smoke during the fall. The fire started after it fell into the mountain, followed by a lot of smoke.” My heart was thumping. I immediately informed friends about the situation, that this area is dangerous and not to come nearby.

Chen Weihao, who also saw the falling plane, worked on a farm. He said the aircraft impacted a gap in the mountain where nobody lived.

“The plane looked to be in one piece when it nosedived. Within seconds, it crashed,” Chen said.

At least 600 emergency crew members were quickly on the crash site. First on the scene were firefighters who extinguished the blaze, but no one inside the plane was found alive.

​​Mud-stained wallets and bank cards are among the items found along the mountainside.

Drones were brought in to search the wreckage site to find perhaps a clue that could unlock the mysteriousness of the crash.

This is the first reported major crash of a Chinese airliner in over a decade.