Video Shows Tucker Carlson is Clearly Up to Something

Tucker Carlson’s relocation of his show to Twitter is progressing as planned, as indicated by a report on Wednesday. 

The former Fox News host has taken drastic measures, literally wielding an ax to his home studio after his previous employer reportedly left it in disarray.

According to the Daily Mail from the U.K., Carlson and his team are reconstructing the remote studio at his residence in Maine.

This effort comes after representatives from Fox News dismantled the previous broadcast facility, leaving it in a state of disrepair.

The report states that the studio, situated in a converted barn, will require a complete overhaul due to the damage caused by the network’s crew.

Despite being removed from his show in April, Carlson remains contracted with Fox News until 2025. On May 9, he announced he would bring his show to Twitter.

In a video revealing his comeback, Carlson expressed his belief that few remaining platforms uphold free speech. 

He stated the last free-thinking platform in the world that allows for genuine freedom of speech is Twitter, where we will take the show.

He also pointed out that, in his opinion, Twitter is not a partisan platform. Everyone is allowed on Twitter, and Carlson thinks that’s a positive for everyone. 

In the weeks following the cancellation of his show, it became clear that Fox News has no problem with allowing Carlson to wait out his $8 million-per-year contract until its expiration date in 2025 rather than buying him out and risking him joining a competing media organization.

Nevertheless, there is no hindrance preventing him from providing his commentary for free on social media, although it seems Fox News is attempting to impede that as well.

According to Patrick Feeney, who oversees the work, Fox News recently removed all their equipment from his home studio in Woodstock, Maine, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“They took everything: the set, equipment, chairs, desk, fake walls, and more,” Feeney revealed.

According to the Daily Mail, this action occurred just before Carlson was prepared to commence webcasting on the social media platform.