Video Shows Who The IRS Is Really Hiring

( Following the approval of the massive spending bill backed by the Democratic Party, which will increase 87,000 new agents for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a Republican congressman has disclosed visual evidence that will only heighten the level of unease felt by American taxpayers.

“These are not the auditions for the upcoming installment of the Police Academy franchise. This is a real program that the IRS uses to hire new employees,” tweeted Kentucky Republican Representative Thomas Massie.

Two films were uploaded to Twitter, and both show recruits for the “IRS special agent” program acting out simulated arrests of criminals while uncomfortably manipulating firearms, handcuffs, and other gear used for incarceration.

One depicts the recruits acting out a scenario in which they enter a gymnasium to take suspects into custody, with one trainee proclaiming, “you’re under arrest for conspiracy.”

At Dixie State University in St. George, Utah, IRS agents are shown in the video presented by Massie conducting arrest simulations with potential student recruits.

In addition to the 87,000 additional agents and the $80 million in public funding that has been granted to the agency, President Biden and his Democratic supporters have emphasized that there would not be any “new audits” of persons making less than $400,000 a year to go along with the new agents.

However, the organization Americans for Tax Reform points out that a preliminary analysis conducted by the Congressional Budget Office found that at least $20 billion of new revenue from increased IRS audits will come from individuals earning less than $400,000 per year. The group found this information.

According to the organization, “CBO’s study directly contradicts allegations by the Biden White House and Congressional Democrats.”

The left refutes the right’s assertion that the IRS is being militarized.

They say that republican members of Congress have tweeted the false claim that there are 87,000 agents hundreds of times since the month of July. According to the Stanford Cable TV News Analyzer, Fox News broadcast “the lie” in almost every hour of its coverage over 48 hours because hosts and guests have repeated it so frequently — over 90 times this month alone — that they claim it has become a running joke on the network.

The left says the IRS has not indicated any plans to significantly increase the number of its armed enforcement personnel, which now stands at around 2,000. (For years, the IRS has provided its criminal investigation section with weapons and ammo. Federal procurement records show that the IRS spent $2 million on ammunition in 2019, more than in any other year of the Biden administration during the Trump administration.)

GOP politicians and right-wing media sites redoubled their efforts, exaggerating and embellishing their first false statements even as violence warnings increased and fact-checkers refuted their assertions.

But, everyone remembers when Joe Wilson was vilified when he shouted “you lie” at a State of the Union Address when Obama said no illegals would get free healthcare.


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