Vladimir Putin Quietly Visiting Hospital, Reports Reveal

Reports show that a former member of the Russian intelligence community has shed light on a trend in hospital visits made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Gleb Karakulov, a Russian Federal Guard Service defecting officer, Vladimir Putin goes in for yearly medical screenings in the Summer or Fall at Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital.

According to the Russian independent investigative site The Dossier Center, Karakulov said that the checkup occurred in April of 2022. According to the publication, Karakulov, a former commander in the Federal Guard Service who defected to the West, is the most senior Russian intelligence officer ever to do so.

As per Karakulov, Putin is in better condition than many individuals his age, and in the last decade, he has had to cancel relatively few important visits or engagements due to his health.

Putin’s health has been the subject of rumors and conjecture during the Ukrainian conflict.

According to a report, Professor Mark Galeotti, head of Mayak Intelligence, a London-based consultancy specializing in Russia, remarked that he was highly suspicious that Putin has any health concerns that could contribute to his immediate death or incapacitation.

In December 2022, General SVR spread a narrative claiming that Putin had broken his tailbone after falling down five stairs. The Russian leader defecated spontaneously after the fall, the Telegram channel said.

The press office for Putin claimed that General SVR made up all of the allegations.

Richard Sakwa, professor emeritus of  European and Russian politics at the University of Kent, has said that there is no credible proof available that Putin is ill.

These false articles are distributed for the sole purpose of attracting readers. And if he is unwell, he will be treated. Yeltsin and Brezhnev both survived for a long time despite having terminal diseases.

Putin’s alleged ailment has less popular support. He, like the conflict in Ukraine, is probably here to stay for a while.