Waffle House Employee Amazes During Restaurant Fight Video

(NewsGlobal.com)- A video of a Waffle House employee swatting down a chair thrown at her during a restaurant fight goes viral on Twitter.

In response to a video showing a worker at a Waffle House restaurant in Austin, Texas, deflecting and slapping down a chair that was thrown at her during a fight, #Waffle House has been trending on Twitter.

Reports show that the original video, which lasts for more than two minutes, depicts the confrontation between several Waffle House patrons and staff members. The worker who was struck by two chairs has gained notoriety for her impressive deflection and quick reflexes.

Comedian Brad Williams tweeted that the US Military has many branches defending our country.
Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Waffle House Employees.

Actor and musician Mekka Don tweeted that she needed to be the lead in the next action film.
The job training at Waffle House is unreal.

Aaron Sagers, a podcast host, tweeted that he might be an old softy, but  Waffle House Girl is the bada** MVP of the year.  What if, just maybe, we could all put aside our differences, come together, and enter 2023 in peaceful harmony?

YouTuber Kalen Allen wondered what type of conversations take place at Waffle House HQ.

You may ask- Why does Waffle House seem to be a crime-ridden establishment?

According to a report,  there are several reasons for this. There are many Waffle House locations in places with a history of having a lot of crime.

The Waffle House is open around-the-clock, and anyone who has visited an all-night diner after a club crawl at three in the morning is probably aware that the freaks come out at night.

Waffle House is frequently the only restaurant open 24 hours a day, so it is bound to draw some losers. Additionally, it is accessible to everyone and inexpensive.

I’ll pass.