What Finger Nails Really Reveal About Your Health

(NewsGlobal.com)- Reports show Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) claims that because finger and toenail meridians are connected to the viscera, monitoring their condition can help understand the body’s health signals and give early treatment for physical ailments.

Jonathan Liu, a TCM practitioner and professor of traditional Chinese medicine at Georgian College, Canada, explained the mysteries behind nail observation.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, nails are the sinew section extending the farthest from the body. In Chinese medicine, sinews consist of fascia, ligaments, muscles, and tendons and are under the control of the liver.

Consequently, the sinews’ condition might reflect the liver’s physiological function and vice versa; problems with the hepatic system are frequently visible in the nails.

The juncture of the human body’s 12 meridians also occurs at the fingertips and toes. For instance, the big toe is the intersection of the spleen, stomach, and liver meridians, while the thumb is the intersection of the lung and large intestine meridians.

Examining the color, texture, and degree of cleavage of the nails allows us to discern, to some extent, the body’s overall physical condition.

Reports show TCM established long ago that the body has a “meridian” system, with 12 main meridians corresponding to the 12 viscera, which flow further to the hands, feet, head, and face, carrying “qi” and “blood” to the entire body.

Qi and blood are interconnected, circulate throughout the body, nourish diverse tissues and organs, and support the body’s essential functions. When there is an issue with one of the viscera, all sites along the corresponding meridian channel will experience pain.

Liu stated that normal fingernails should be light-red and glossy.  Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green indicate physical issues.  Liu noted that patterns such as white specks or black lines on the fingernails could also disclose the state of the body’s health.

Nails may be prone to breakage owing to chronic iron deficiency, thyroid issues, decreased renal function, and poor blood circulation, which inhibits the blood from delivering adequate oxygen and nutrients to the nails. There is more information at the link.

Our bodies tell us a lot if we are willing to listen.