“Wheel Of Fortune” Host Tells Guest To Take Shirt Off

Veteran presenter Pat Sajak surprised viewers of Wheel of Fortune when he ordered a contestant to remove his shirt in front of the audience.

According to entertainment reports, as part of a week-long celebration of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the organization’s leading performer, Austin Theory, came on the program last week.

Each competitor was matched with a WWE superstar throughout the week, and Theory was teamed with Ray Simon. The two were pleased with their performance until Sajak broke the terrible news to them, and they realized they hadn’t won the game.

Theory started to act out his disappointment at not winning by crying on cue.

Sajak assured the professional wrestler that it was going to be alright, and he did just great.

The video showed a teammate of Theory’s making a joke about how they could purchase him a complete shirt because of the black half-top that exposed his chiseled abs.

Sajak told Theory to take it off, and they will sell it on eBay.

Austin Theory was eager to comply and began to remove the shirt, but Simon stopped him, saying, “No.”

Wheel of Fortune viewers reacted quickly when a video of the incident was shared on the show’s official Twitter account.  A fan wrote that it was the best Wheel of Fortune week.

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WWE claims it is dedicated to providing wholesome content across all of its media channels, including its television shows, premium live events, internet media, and publishing.

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