White House Advisor Is Leaving Biden, Starting A New Career

(NewsGlobal.com)- One of President Joe Biden’s closest aides has announced her resignation just hours after delivering one of the most polarizing addresses ever delivered by a US president.
Gina McCarthy, the president’s top climate advisor, will work her final day on September 16. She began at the Biden administration’s start and was only supposed to stay on for a year. She stayed longer to support the Democrats’ climate plan.

Ali Zaidik, who served as her deputy, will take over for her in that capacity.
In related news, John Podesta, a former Hillary Clinton campaign manager, was chosen as the president’s senior adviser for clean energy innovation and implementation.

The president has stated that under Gina McCarthy and Ali Zaidi’s direction, his administration has taken the most aggressive action to address the climate issue head-on, including historic legislation and audacious executive initiatives. The President stated that the Inflation Reduction Act is the most significant step toward clean energy and the environment in history and that it opens the path for future actions to achieve our clean energy and climate goals.

He said John Podesta would oversee his administration’s continuous innovation and implementation.

“We can really get started right away to take advantage of the enormous clean energy potential in front of us because of his strong background in climate and clean energy policy as well as his experience at senior levels of government,” he said.

Biden said that he sincerely appreciates Gina’s contribution and is happy to report that Ali has been elevated to the position of National Climate Advisor. He said that since the first day of the Administration, Gina had been a crucial part of his senior team, and he wished her the best in her future endeavors.

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