White House Demands “Equity” Over Electric Vehicles

(NewsGlobal.com)- The White House is so obsessed with the idea of “equity” – a concept much more radical than equality, and one that often requires discrimination to be achieved – that it is seeking new guidance on how to make the national electric vehicle charging network more equitable.

What that likely means is that, instead of allocating the network based on where the most people drive electric cars or where the charging stations are most urgently needed, the government may end up allocating chargers to regions with little to no electric car usage.

Because equity and fairness!

A guidance document that was issued on Thursday reveals that state plans being submitted to the federal government to access funds to build the new charging network will need to explain “how the State will deliver projects” and that it will “target at least 40 percent of the benefits towards disadvantaged communities.”

Disadvantaged communities…that can’t afford expensive electric cars?

The guidance means that states will fall in line with the White House’s “Justice 40” initiative, which aims to give at least 40% of the benefits of all federal investments in climate matters and Green initiatives to disadvantaged or poorer communities.

Thankfully, the White House at least seems a little aware that allocating 40% of chargers to disadvantaged communities wouldn’t entirely make sense. That means that the funds may be used in different ways – despite the fact that the funds are meant to build a charging network – in those disadvantaged communities.

It means that state leaders will need to decide to take 40% of their funding and use it to pay for unrelated projects in disadvantaged communities, or build 40% of chargers in those disadvantaged communities. Both options mean a less effective charging network.

Does the federal government want people to drive electric cars or not? Because without a good charging network, they’re making it much harder…