White House Press Conference Gets Heated, Reporter Starts Screaming

(NewsGlobal.com)- Last week, President Joe Biden raised eyebrows after he searched the audience for a Republican lawmaker who had died nearly two months earlier.

During a White House conference on hunger, nutrition, and health last Wednesday, Joe was listing bipartisan lawmakers who helped the effort, briefly setting aside his teleprompter remarks to search the crowd for one of those lawmakers, Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.

The president scanned the crowd, asking if Walorski was there before finally concluding that she must have decided not to attend the White House event.

This is, in a sense, true since Jackie Walorski and two of her staffers were killed in a car accident in early August:

That afternoon during the daily press briefing, White House reporters, struggling to understand how the same president who released a heartfelt tribute to Jackie Walorski the day she died was now searching the audience for her as if she was still alive, decided to get some answers from press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

In what was likely a first for the Biden White House briefing room, reporters grilled Jean-Pierre, repeatedly trying to get a straight answer on why the President of the United States was searching the crowd for a dead woman.

The poor, incompetent Jean-Pierre, unfamiliar with press pushback, twisted herself into knots trying to explain away the incident, doing her best to make it seem like Biden hunting for a dead woman was perfectly reasonable.

Jean-Pierre first claimed that Biden’s mention of Walorski was proof that she was “on his mind; she was on top of mind for the president.”

Really? If Walorski was so important to him, shouldn’t Biden have remembered that she couldn’t have attended the event because she’d been dead for nearly two months?

Jean-Pierre’s lame excuses were even too much for the usually-friendly reporters in the briefing room.

Reporter after reporter challenged Jean-Pierre’s excuse-making, causing the incompetent press secretary to grow increasingly frustrated that they wouldn’t let it go.

Newsbusters’ Curtis Houck chronicled every painful exchange in a thread on Twitter, posting video clip after video clip of the reporters’ questions and Jean-Pierre’s astonishingly pathetic excuses.

Watch the videos HERE.