Whoopi Goldberg Says Her Own Network Started “Downfall” Of Society

On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg criticized “American Idol” and held it responsible for the “downfall of society.”

Unfortunately for Goldberg, she forgot American Idol is on the network that airs her show, “The View.”

Her remarks regarding the singing competition led to an awkward exchange between her and a producer from the network. That’s when the producer informed Goldberg that the show is now airing on ABC, which is owned by Disney, the company she works for.

Whoopi mentioned that watching a documentary about Anna Nicole Smith led her to reflect on how people tend to judge each other.

According to Goldberg, reality TV shows have increased people’s tendency to judge others.

She said that shows like “Basketball Wives” and the various “Housewives” shows on Bravo make it seem like you’re doing something wrong just by living your life.

Goldberg theorizes that viewers watch these shows as they provide them with a sense of comfort. She believes that society enjoys watching things in order to make judgments about people.

She then focused on American Idol.

Goldberg said she always believed that the decline of society started with a show that she couldn’t recall its name. Goldberg turned to a producer Brian Teta who helped her by asking, “American Idol?”

The live studio audience laughed when Teta said the show was on her network.

She defensively said that it wasn’t always on ABC. (American Idol aired on Fox in 2002 and ran on the network until 2016.)

She said that people went overboard with the ability to judge others. And it has gone out of control.

The View has been described as a forum where hosts can criticize and judge those with whom they disagree.

The show has been critical of conservatives for many years, which Goldberg seems to be unaware of.