Woman Claims She’s In Relationship With Tree

Sonja Semyonova, a 45-year-old woman, has a unique and deep connection with an oak tree. She believes that she is engaged in a profound love affair with it.

Derisive users on X said she was being a bit “knotty.”

During her solitary walks in Vancouver Island, Canada, in the summer of 2021, during the pandemic, she developed a deep connection with the tree. Semyonova’s relationship with the mighty oak is entirely abstract, and she holds the view that there are many misconceptions surrounding ecosexuality.

The website “Here Come the Ecosexuals!” defines ecosexuality as an orientation where individuals view nature as romantic and captivating. Semyonova views ecosexuality as a unique way to delve into the realm of sensuality, finding great fascination in the changing of seasons. She acknowledges that there are similarities between human sexual experiences and the sensual connection that ecosexuals have with nature, but she emphasizes their distinctiveness.

Semyonova suggests that there might be a considerable number of people who possess suppressed ecosexual inclinations, which could potentially aid in addressing different climate-related issues. She mentioned outdoor picnics and hikes as evidence that some people strongly bond with nature.

It remains unclear how appreciating God’s creation, such as enjoying a family picnic by a stream or tending to your garden, can be compared to having romantic or erotic sentiments towards trees.

Understanding the woman’s deep emotional bond with the tree becomes more apparent when considering the global issue of adult loneliness. Based on a Meta-Gallup survey, many adults go through periods of loneliness. Indeed, the isolation of pandemic lockdowns could be a contributing factor, another drawback to the controversial decision to imprison people in their homes. Arguably, the psychological damage of isolation did more harm than the virus.

Semyonova clarifies that the tree-rotic experience exists solely within her imagination, and it is often misunderstood that ecosexuality entails sexual interactions between humans and nature.

She thinks we can tackle various climate challenges by immersing ourselves in nature.