Woman Fired After Blatantly Antisemitic Internet Post

Citigroup dismissed an employee for publishing an inappropriate and offensive comment on social media that drew criticism for its antisemitic nature.

The group Stop AntiSemitism highlighted a comment on X (previously known as Twitter) from former Citi personal banker Nozima Husainova’s Instagram. In her post, she commented on discussions about the Al-Ahli Hospital bombing in Gaza, saying, “No wonder why Hitler wanted to get rid of all of them,” accompanied by a smiley face.

In response to this, Stop AntiSemitism showcased Husainova’s LinkedIn profile and questioned Citi about her employment status. A representative from Citi’s customer service replied that they were investigating the issue.

FOX Business reached out to Citi for a statement regarding Husainova, to which the bank responded, “We ended the employment of the individual responsible for the deeply offensive antisemitic comment on social media. We staunchly oppose antisemitism and any form of hate speech, ensuring they have no place in our bank.”

However, Husainova was not the sole individual spotlighted by Stop AntiSemitism this week.

Dr. Ahmed ElKoussa, a dentist in Florida, was released from his position at CG Smile after he was recorded tearing down posters of Israeli children who were taken during the Hamas incident on October 7.

Blake Warman witnessed two individuals removing and damaging pictures of hostages in Miami’s Brickell area on a recent Tuesday.

“I saw them doing it, and when I recognized one of them, I knew I had to take action,” Warman shared with WTVJ.

Upon uploading the footage, Stop Antisemitism’s social media channels reshared the video, identifying the two men as 31-year-old Ahmed ElKoussa and Xave Ramoul.

Additionally, Dr. Andrew Thierry was removed from his role as chief medical officer at ExpertMRI after Stop AntiSemitism highlighted several of his controversial posts on X. In these posts, Thierry made derogatory comments about Zionists.

Following this, Thierry apologized for any misunderstandings caused by his statements, emphasizing his respect and love for all individuals. ExpertMRI, in a subsequent announcement, clarified that Thierry would no longer be associated with their organization and condemned the antisemitic comments he made.