Americans Go Part-Time As Full-Time Work Plummets

Over the last several years in which President Joe Biden has presided over the affairs of the nation, things have gone horribly in both domestic and international regards for the country. Rampant inflation peaked in fall of 2022, reaching heights not witnessed since the 1970s and Jimmy Carter. Millions of illegals are estimated to have entered the nation through the porous southern border since January of 2021, and as the problems intensify, the president and his administration appear powerless or unwilling to stop any of it. There have even been proposals by Democratic lawmakers to introduce “government ID” cards to every illegal migrant entering the country in a thinly veiled attempt at disguising political motives to change the electorate and allow foreign entities to vote in federal elections. As millions of Americans and over 60% of the country is reported as living paycheck to paycheck, scores and scores of foreign migrants arrive in cities across the union, undercutting wages and suffocating the already crowded job market.

Internationally, things are equally as precarious. Biden, appearing incoherent, disoriented, feckless and downright poor on the international stage, has displayed such incompetence as president that foreign adversaries of the United States have become emboldened. In early 2022, just months after Biden led the summer 2021 botched American withdrawal from Afghanistan in which 13 American servicemembers lost their lives, Russia invaded Ukraine in eastern Europe. Days ago, the Muslim terror group Hamas attacked Israel, and murdered thousands of innocent citizens. China continues to threaten U.S. dominance in the Pacific, and recently sent over 100 military planes over Taiwan in a provocative maneuver.

The domestic American economy remains volatile. Wages continue to stagnate, and people simply are struggling to make ends meet. In a most recent development, it appears that full time employment in the U.S. over the last year has decreased markedly. Since June 2023, full time employment has decreased by some 2 million jobs.