Biden Aides Called In To Answer Important Questions

President Joe Biden’s former assistant, who has ties to the president’s son Hunter, was interviewed by House investigators looking into the leak of confidential material.

Chairman James Comer said on Tuesday that former vice presidential assistant to Biden, Kathy Chung, who later became a Pentagon employee, had participated in a transcripted interview with the Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer  (R-KY).

According to several news outlets, Chung has emerged as a critical character in the Justice Department’s investigation into the transportation of items to the Biden Penn  Center after Biden left office as vice president in early 2017.

In January, Biden’s attorneys found about ten classified documents while clearing out Biden’s office at the center in November last year. 

The scandal was further fueled by the revelation that Chung provided “startling information that undermines the Biden White House’s narrative” regarding the president’s handling of documents.

Comer said that the Penn Biden Center, an office near the White House, and a storage facility in Chinatown all housed boxes containing secret papers, vice presidential records, and other materials after Joe Biden departed his position as vice president.

The boxes were not secured at the Penn Biden Center.  They were still accessible to anybody working there or visiting the building. 

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the ranking Democrat on the oversight panel, also stated in response to the interview with Chung.

Raskin said that the Republicans should be paying more attention to the actions of former president Donald Trump. The Democrat accused the Republicans on the Oversight Committee of misrepresenting Chung’s work and promoting ” baseless, racist misinformation about her” (presumably the idea that she could be a Chinese foreign agent.)

Biden’s lawyers and the White House have maintained that they are helping the National Archives and Justice Department with their investigations. 

Special counsel Robert Hur is investigating whether any laws were broken regarding managing data discovered at the Penn Biden Center and other sites, including the president’s houses in Delaware.