Chris Christie Blasts Trump From Multiple Angles In Interview

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie recently blasted former President Donald Trump, calling him a “bad person,” and saying his family used the White House to get richer. Speaking to the New York Post, Christie detailed his time on the Trump campaign in 2016, relating how Jared Kushner still had bad blood against him for Christie’s past prosecution and conviction of Kushner’s father Charles in 2005 when Christie served as US Attorney for New Jersey. 

According to Christie, Kushner was the real chief-of-staff for Trump during his presidency, despite Kushner never officially holding the post. Christie says that Kushner undermined him whenever possible sabotaged his efforts to be part of the Trump administration.

Despite claiming Trump would bring the “strong leadership” America needed after dropping out of the running in 2016 before the crucial Super Tuesday primaries, Christie has now done a 180 and claims Trump is a dangerous and irresponsible fanatic who needs to be kept out of the White House. While other Republican presidential candidates have hesitated to openly criticize Trump or accuse him of wrongdoing, Christie has slammed Trump for his indictment over alleged improper handling and storage of classified documents and accused Trump of being a “vindictive child.” The only other GOP candidate to strike a similar tone is fellow candidate Nikki Haley, who also said that if guilty of the document wrongdoing Trump behaved extremely irresponsibly and put military lives at risk. 

Christie has doubled down on his criticisms, saying he will “probably” cast no vote in 2024 if Trump ends up being the GOP nominee for POTUS. He also commented that the ongoing rivalry between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Trump is a “teenage food fight” that’s not worthy of real attention and doesn’t represent any serious statesmanship. Christie has been equally critical of President Joe Biden, saying Biden may have “dementia” or “Alzheimer’s” and clearly has “some problems” that “certainly” make him unfit to occupy the Oval Office for an additional term.