Denver Mayor Cuts Police Budget by $8M to Fund Illegal Migrant Programs

To address the demands of those who entered the US illegally, Denver’s Democrat mayor, Mike Johnston, has reduced funding for the police department by eight million dollars.

Johnston’s actions in this regard are not new. Cuts to municipal services have been in the works since February with the same rationale.

The mayor reduced the police budget, which makes the situation worse since the city is now at a dangerous criminal activity level by adding the flood of illegal immigrants.

According to reports, Democrat-run Denver revealed its intent to give $46 million to initiatives that address the increasing influx of illegal migrants. The program has already received $44 million in funding from prior budget actions.

From August to December last year, the city’s spending on migrants surged from $2 million to $15 million. According to government estimates, the number of migrants in shelters has decreased from approximately 5,000 in January to roughly 1,000 now, but the illegal migrants are still flooding the area.

Johnston claimed that Denver has finally devised a long-term strategy to deal with the illegal migration situation in a dignified manner without slashing municipal services.

Despite assurances that no staff would be let off or put on furlough, the mayor’s office will have to make cutbacks to find an additional $45.9 million. A reduction of approximately 10% is in store for the mayor’s office.

Denver taxpayers will bear the brunt of the cost. This will be a big factor in driving Colorado voters away from Democrats in November.

In early April, video footage surfaced of Andres Carrera, Denver’s newly designated “Newcomer Communications Liaison,” begging newly arrived illegal migrants to leave the city immediately, saying that the prospects in the formerly friendly ‘sanctuary city’ had run out.

In the video, he tells the illegal migrants who arrived on March 26 that Denver doesn’t have anything to offer and that they should go to New York or Chicago for more.

Denver media have reported that Carrera gave statements to the illegal migrants in Spanish, telling them their prospects there are finished.

He told them they’ll get more in New York. They’ll get more in Chicago. There is a longer-term refuge there. The official also claimed that there are greater work prospects there.