Human Smugglers Reveal Shocking Border Secrets

Over the last decade, the Republican party in the United States has struggled mightily. For many years, as the open-border illegal and lenient legal immigration policies of the United States have continued, demographics in the country have shifted markedly. Historically, America has been inhabited by a blend of Europeans from many different backgrounds. As migration to the country from the third world, (Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, and South America) has markedly increased since 1965, the overall traditional and historic culture of the country has become to lose cohesion. What’s worse: the public education system appears to be doing a very poor job of teaching American civics and history regardless of background, and a new finding shows that a record number of young people have very poor knowledge of their national history and the workings of governing institutions domestically.

Republicans had pandered largely to the historic demographics of the nation and had hoped to focus on key voters in rural and suburban areas across the country. As this population declines, the messaging of the party has become less and less palatable to increasing swaths of the national demography. This has posed a major challenge for the party, along with the fact that the affluent and metropolitan members of the nation overwhelmingly oppose them. As a consequence, Republicans continue to falter in key states, and the party has seemed disorganized, disunified, and directionless of late.

The Republican speaker of the House Mike Johnson knows that the party must work hard to show that it can govern effectively over the next months leading up to the 2024 presidential election. One issue Republicans are in a prime position to capitalize on is the crisis at the southern border. Tens of thousands of migrants continue to enter the country every day. Recently, border traffickers admitted to using the porous border to smuggle in humans and operate a trafficking operation. Technology has aided this catastrophic crisis.