Maher Vows To Do What He Can To Keep Trump From Being President

HBO’s Bill Maher said he would do everything he could to ensure Donald Trump is not re-elected to the Oval Office in November, despite conceding he has little influence. He added, however, that he would not allow the possibility of a second Trump term to impact his nervous system “like last time.”

Speaking to Variety Magazine, Mr. Maher noted the division he said permeates American society and compared it to a prison yard, stating, “You’re either one team or another.” The liberal also expressed concern that President Trump will “blow up the world” or put him in Guantanamo Bay, but he won’t allow himself to worry about it.

Maher is a long-term critic of Donald Trump, and the two men have engaged in previous public spats. The host has compared the former President to Garfield, the cat, describing him as a “fat, orange, pu**y who hates Mondays.” He also mocked Mr. Trump’s legal problems and even suggested that his wife, Melania, only stays with him for money.

President Biden has not escaped Maher’s quips either. On his Real Time show, he said neither candidate is inspiring, and the Trump-Biden rematch is “not good news,” except for “the people who make ramps that go up to debate stages” – a reference to President Biden’s apparent difficulties making his way on stage.

In early March, Donald Trump made his feelings about Maher known on his Truth Social media platform, calling him “the worst” host, who had failed as a CNN anchor and had a “major case of Trump derangement syndrome.”

The feud between Maher and Trump stretches back to 2013 when Mr. Trump filed a lawsuit against Maher after the comedian challenged him to prove he wasn’t the son of an orangutan. When Trump did so, Maher did not pay up, prompting the suit. Maher’s challenge mirrored that of Donald Trump, who said he would pay $5 million to charity if Barack Obama proved he was born in the United States.