Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants To Defeund Trump Prosecutors

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is trying to stop funding for the investigation against former President Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

On Tuesday, Trump will be formally charged with obstruction of justice and retention of national security records. According to the indictment, the stolen documents, including foreign nations, contained information about the country’s offensive and defensive capabilities. It detailed plans for retaliation in case of a foreign attack.

Greene said on Monday that she would reduce money for Smith’s office by attaching a “rider” to an appropriations bill. After Trump announced his campaign for president in November, Attorney General Merrick Garland named Smith to the position. Smith takes charge of an ongoing investigation of Trump at the Department of Justice.

The representative stated she was thwarting a government-backed effort to eliminate Donald J. Trump as a political threat and as a viable presidential contender in the United States. Trump claims his prosecution is biased against him because of his politics. 

The indictment states that Trump appears on video holding top secret documents saying he cannot de-classify them since he is no longer president but was showing them off anyway. That contradicts his public claims that he declassified all he had access to. It also claims Trump tried to stonewall DOJ efforts to acquire the materials back from him.

Greene said that people should “never forget” that known pervert, Anthony Weiner, had sensitive information belonging to former Secretary of State and Senator Hillary Clinton on his laptop. This is not an acceptable method for handling sensitive files. That was something that should have been looked into, according to Greene. 

She said Joe Biden had documents in his garage next to his Corvette. She said that the United States of America recognizes this for what it is and will not stand for it.