McDonald’s Kids Meal Toy Under Investigation For Possible Danger

A mother in Michigan posted a Facebook message expressing concern when her kid received a box cutter instead of a toy with her McDonald’s Happy Meal.

On Sunday, Dawn Paret shared photos from her daughter’s Happy Meal box, which included a bright yellow box cutter and an ink pen.

After finding a box cutter underneath the food of her kid’s Happy Meal, Paret demanded answers from McDonald’s.  Paret did not say which McDonald’s this happened in. 

Not only did Paret make a Facebook post about this, but so did several others. 

A Facebook user named Kayla Ann from Michigan had a frightening experience last month. After discovering a similar box cutter inside her child’s Happy Meal, she warned other parents. In the post, she revealed that the altercation had occurred at a Brighton McDonald’s. 

McDonald’s takes these concerns very seriously, according to a spokeswoman who informed FOX Business that customer and staff safety is the company’s priority. 

The spokeswoman also said that In addition to contacting the affected customers, they also continued their investigation.

Both mothers stated that although the box cutters were found in time to prevent any injury to their children, they can’t help but wonder what may have occurred if a smaller kid had found and opened or played with the tools.

According to a report, two individuals were arrested in Maine in 2021 after a mother discovered opioid addiction treatment medication in her son’s Happy Meal box.

While searching for her son’s toy in the McDonald’s meal, Shirlee Marchesseault discovered the medicine, later confirmed as Suboxone and reported it.

According to a Facebook post by the Auburn Police Department, an investigation revealed that a Happy Meal box accidentally collected a dose of Suboxone as a worker leaned down to reach for an item on a counter.

Police say the worker didn’t realize the medication had vanished from the shirt pocket until later in the day when it was reported to the business.

The authorities said the employee who lost the drug illegally acquired it from a co-worker.