New Map Shows Where Abbott Is Shoring Up Border Wall

Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, is praising the ongoing wall building on his state’s border with Mexico, claiming that local border protection measures are still being implemented despite the Biden administration’s lack of action.

Abbott has lately shared footage of the construction of the border wall in Maverick County, which contains Eagle Pass, and Cameron County, which is home to Brownsville. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump spoke on the increasingly contentious topic of immigration when they visited Brownsville (Biden) and Eagle Pass (Trump) on February 29.

Reports show that concertina wire and floating barriers in the Rio Grande have been a source of contention between Biden and Texas in the past since they aim to redirect illegal immigrants to entrance sites.

Abbott noted on X  that Texas is continuing the construction of a border wall in Maverick County. To ensure the safety of our nation, Texas will construct border walls until President Biden fulfills his duties as leader.

As for Cameron County, he said that Texas would use all means necessary to protect its borders until Biden follows through on his promise to enforce federal immigration laws. Walls have also been constructed in the municipalities of  Val Verde, Starr, and Webb counties.

As part of Operation Lone Star, which authorized the use of Texas National Guard and state troopers to apprehend illegal migrants, Texas has spent billions of dollars constructing its own border wall, making it the only US state doing so.

On March 13th, a court decided that the money that Congress set aside to build the border wall could not be used for other purposes, a huge setback for Biden and the extreme left administration.  Border wall construction must be the primary use of the funds.  On his first day in office, Biden halted construction.

In a lawsuit by many states and plaintiffs, U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton determined that the Biden administration had disregarded Congress’s intention when it diverted $1.4 billion for border wall construction to other uses.

In their lawsuit, the states claimed that the Biden administration misappropriated $1.4 billion meant for cleanup, flood control, and border security measures rather than continuing construction of the barrier mechanism at the southern border.