Newsmax Host Explains Why He Left CNN

On the most recent edition of The Right Squad, presenter and former CNN journalist Chris Plante said he departed from CNN “in disgust” after fully coming to his “senses” about the network.

Plante said he really feels as if the news organization doesn’t want to be saved. In reaction to the departure of CNN CEO Chris Licht, who was said to have “alienated” workers with his vision of a more centrist network, Plante expressed his disillusionment.

According to reports, Licht left because his vision for a more moderate network rubbed the employees incorrectly. After all, they had designs on remaining another Democratic Party front group.

A Newsmax contributor named Kelly Sadler said that what is so incredible about this story is the rebellion within the newsroom. They insisted on staying far away from the hub of things. They did not want to hear the conservative argument since they already had made up their minds.

She said the group was content in the unpopular “left-leaning lane” they had created for themselves. Nothing will change at CNN unless the management finally gets around to firing all anchors and reporters. They will eventually give up on the Marxist rabble and be overrun.

Plante said he should confess that he worked for CNN for many years back in that era. Plante worked for CNN for a total of seventeen years. 

“I was at the Pentagon most of the time covering the military and intelligence community, and I eventually left in disgust because I came to my senses,” he said.

A survey in January confirms what many media critics have predicted for some time: CNN’s leftward trend is driving away viewers.

According to a study by McLaughlin & Associates for the conservative Media Research Centre, five-and-a-half percent of CNN viewers said they watch the network less frequently than they used to, with the majority of those people citing the network’s political bias as the reason.

61% of respondents in a national survey issued on Thursday agreed with the poll that they would watch CNN less because of its liberal/leftwing bias.

The Media Research Centre stated that their recent poll proved that CNN’s skewed political coverage significantly turned off many of its viewers.

Predictably, 80% of conservatives and around 52% of moderates and liberals agreed with the statement about CNN’s bias.