Newsom Claims Biden’s Age Is An Asset

California Governor Gavin Newsom last weekend dismissed concerns about President Biden’s age, arguing that his age and experience are two of the main reasons Biden should be reelected in November, Politico reported.

While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on February 25, Newsom said Biden’s age was what had made him so successful as president.

Citing the massive spending bills Biden has signed into law since taking office as proof of Biden’s success, Newsom told “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker that the November election was a chance for the American people to express their gratitude by giving the president four more years.

He added that as a Democrat, it had been a gift for him to “make the case for the leader of our party.”

When asked if he thought President Biden needed to interact more with the public to demonstrate that he wasn’t too old to lead, Newsom suggested that the president was already doing “everything he needs to do.”

He claimed that Biden’s record in office was “extraordinary” and that he was doing everything he needed to do for Ukraine and to address the crisis at the border. Newsom insisted that it was the Republicans who were at fault for the border crisis and claimed that President Biden was “leading.”

When asked if he had gotten any calls from donors anxious for an alternative to Biden in November, Newsom played down the possibility of running in 2024, telling Welker that he was bored by the questions, especially since there was no need for an alternative to Biden.

Newsom suggested that even idle talk about running someone else in the General Election was playing into the Republican Party’s hands. He said it was exactly the kind of conversation Republicans wanted the Democrats to have.

Newsom said the “anger machine” on Fox News and other conservative media loved to gin things up. He said not only was Biden going to be the Democrat nominee, but the Democrats would also “get to enjoy a record of accomplishment” under President Biden that they couldn’t have imagined in the last century.