Prince Andrew Has A “War Chest” To Go After Epstein Accusers

( Prince Andrew is getting together a “war chest” worth $12 million to launch an attack on Virginia Giuffre, who has previously come out to accuse him of abusing her on three separate occasions in 2001 when she was just 17, according to Fox News.

The goal of the attack is to reportedly force Giuffre to retract the allegations and possibly apologize in court.

Giuffre filed the lawsuit against Prince Andrew in 2020 after accusing Alan Dershowitz of the same crime. At the time, she said that she believed that she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein to Dershowitz, but has since apologized and dropped the charges, according to Breitbart.

Prince Andrew has denied any wrongdoing but agreed to a settlement in February 2022 worth between $3.6 million to $14.8 million after Buckingham Palace reportedly said that the headlines were damaging to Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

“Andrew has always insisted he is innocent and finally wants to prove it in a US court,” an anonymous royal source told The Sun, adding that the prince was pressured into a settlement. The source also noted that King Charles supports his brother and wants the best for him but cannot publicly back him.

After the case with Dershowitz was dropped, Andrew reportedly consulted with his lawyers, with one telling him to “forget it” and be glad that he is not in jail. Despite denying the allegations, Andrew was stripped of his military titles and charity patronages and reportedly told not to use his “His Royal Highness” title.

The title also demands that one bow or curtsy when someone bestowed with the title approaches. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will also not enjoy these privileges after leaving the palace.

If Andrew is successful in his case against Giuffre, it could reportedly prepare his way for being reinstated to his royal duties.