Texas Governor Abbot Takes Aim at Eric Adams Over Border Issue

Members of the Republican National Committee and other prominent Republicans hailed what they saw as a victory on border security and the party’s electoral prospects in November.

While New York congresswoman Elise Stefanik projected that immigration would be the most pressing issue in every swing district in the nation, Texas governor Greg Abbott used his keynote address to criticize Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams for how Adams dealt with the influx of migrants in his city.

After a five-year hiatus, the state party’s first significant banquet cost $1,250 a ticket. Michael Whatley, chair of the Republican National Committee, was among the hundreds present.

Abbott and Adams couldn’t be more at odds after the Texas governor chose to transport migrant families by bus from his state to other locations around the nation, with New York City being the primary destination. Adams scolded Abbott and, in one instance, succeeded in a $700 million lawsuit against seventeen Texas bus firms.

Abbott’s address highlighted the importance of migration in the New York House contests. Republicans in New York are seeking to win over voters by pledging to be more strict on the southern border; Democrats have been successful in bringing down GOP candidates in other states due to their strict abortion prohibitions.

In a special election held in February, Democratic Representative Tom Suozzi of Long Island beat his Republican opponent. He ran on a platform of repairing the border. Suozzi told reporters that Democrats should prioritize the border shortly after he took the oath of office.

The on-duty New York City police officer murdered last month was just one of many repeat criminals who go out and kill law enforcement officers like whom Abbott criticized Adams for enabling.

Adams is said to be a staunch supporter of police officers and is a former police captain who campaigned for the mayoral position on a platform of law and order.

Since Abbott has not reached out to the Adams administration, there are no arrangements for a meeting between the two.

Liberal organizations condemned Abbott’s Thursday night speech, accusing him of being a racist and bigot who has cruelly deported asylum seekers for political gain.