“The View” Hosts Only Attacked Vandalizing Art Because It Made Democrats Look Bad

A report shows that the co-hosts of The View criticized climate activists for pouring red paint on a Claude Monet painting. However, some people believe they were only upset because it reflected poorly on them and their political views.

The View’s Joy Behar expressed her opinion that using art as a means to bring about political change can be irritating.

Whoopi Goldberg stated they should leave art alone and that the task at hand is to educate individuals on the importance of being cautious about the Earth.

During an episode of “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld and the co-hosts discussed the vandalism of “The Artist’s Garden at Giverny” at the Swedish National Museum. Two women defaced the painting and attached themselves to its frame to raise awareness about global warming.

Gutfeld said that The View is upset because it portrays their cause negatively. It is simply that. They have no interest in the art.  

Jesse Watters asked Gutfeld if he thinks that  Goldberg and Behar have refined artistic tastes.

 He said no and that “The View” is a performance art in itself.  

The incident in Stockholm is under criminal investigation for aggravated vandalism, according to European news outlets citing the Stockholm Regional Police.

Regarding the incident in Sweden, Dana Perino, a co-host of “The Five,” stated that climate change activists had not been positively impacted by such events.

In a previous incident, the British activist group Just Stop Oil threw tomato soup on artwork by Vincent van Gogh at the London National Gallery last October.

According to a report, the suspects are seen in the video pulling off their outerwear to display the Just Stop Oil tees and retrieving their soup cans. The National Gallery stated that the painting itself was “unharmed” since it is protected by glass and suffered just minor frame damage.

Van Gogh painted two sets of sunflowers, which are now worth tens of millions each.

Van Gogh is a frequent target of climate activists, and it is not Just Stop Oil’s first attack on the artist.