Trump Motorcade Targeted With Swearing And Vile Rants About “Moms For Liberty”

On Friday, former President Donald Trump flew to Philadelphia to deliver a speech to an organization called “Moms For Liberty,” which the Southern Poverty Law Centre called an “extremist organization.”

When Trump appeared at the event, protesters greeted him with yells of “LOCK HIM UP!” and “F*CK YOU TRAITOR!” as he walked through the crowd.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “Moms for Liberty and its national chapters oppose what they believe to be the “woke indoctrination” of children by advocating for book bans in school libraries and backing politicians for public office who match the group’s ideals. 

This is a group effort to combat what they call “woke brainwashing.” They especially target teachers and school officials, spread anti-LGBTQ attitudes, and distribute photos and videos across their many social media profiles.

Much of what they publish is simply the LGBTQ community’s words, much like the Libs of Tik Tok channel on Twitter.

As Trump made his way to the address, protesters lined the streets and yelled at him. Some protesters were against Trump, while others were against Moms For Liberty.

In the video uploaded on social media  by Oliya Scootercaster, the protesters can be seen and heard yelling profanities like “F**k you!. They also called him a traitor that should be “locked up.” 

Moms For Liberty has been criticized for referencing Hitler in a newsletter. In one video, protesters yell, “These Hoes for Hitler Got to Go!”

On Friday afternoon, as former President Donald Trump arrived at the Marriott for his speech, he was welcomed by a large group of demonstrators who yelled, “Lock him up!” throughout the hotel. Oona Goodin-Smith, who works for the Philadelphia Enquirer, also uploaded a video of the event to her channel. Boos and people were raising their middle fingers. As President Trump’s motorcade entered the hotel’s parking garage, the somber musical accompaniment of “Taps” was performed on a trumpet.

Trump was greeted at the entrance by supporters screaming for him and angry protesters.