White House Snaps At Reporter’s Question

When Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked Karine Jean-Pierre what the Biden administration thought of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf merging, she was met with resistance.

After years of litigation, the two organizations’ decision to merge caught the sports and political worlds off guard on Tuesday. Critics see the Saudi government’s support for LIV as an attempt to “sportswash” the autocratic petrostate’s image abroad. As evidence mounts linking Saudi authorities to the hijackers, relatives of September 11 victims are understandably upset.

The 9/11 Families United statement began, “Make no mistake.” In other words, “We will never forget.”

Heinrich asked Jean-Pierre during Wednesday’s press briefing what President Joe Biden thought of the merger, but Jean-Pierre refused to answer.

Heinrich asked KJP if she was briefed on it.

KJP said he is the president and will be briefed on it.

Heinrich pressed, asking her why she couldn’t comment on it.

KJP said the White House would not comment because LIV is a private company. 

Heinrich then, cleverly, asked why he would be briefed on it.

KJP said the White House had been consistent. She said that as the President, he gets to know everything happening in the world and the country. She said he knows everything important for him to know because he is one of the free world’s leaders.

Heinrich, undeterred, asked if it is typical for Biden to  get briefed on private—

KJP was exasperated and cut him off, knowing she was being boxed in.

She said she answered his question and was going to move on.

Heinrich later remarked on Fox News’ Special Report that the White House’s views on other large corporate transactions don’t align with Jean-Pierre’s hesitance to answer about LIV.

She said it’s puzzling why the government would object to Elon Musk buying Twitter or JPMorgan buying First Republic Bank; they’ve previously remarked on such private entity, large corporate movements.

But that isn’t true; KJP insisted they’ve been “consistent.”  And KJP and the White House never lie; just look at the lack of fact-checking by the mainstream media.