Biden Has Awkward ‘Overly Touchy’ Moment With Reporter

According to a report, President Biden gave a very rare interview, but something was bugging him.

During the 80-year-old president’s interview with The Weather Channel, an embarrassing moment occurred when he reached out and brushed a bug off Stephanie Abrams’ chest.

Biden, who has been criticized for being too “touchy-feely,” was trying to deflect attention away from his failure to declare climate change a federal emergency when he saw a bug crawling on Abrams’ suit jacket.

Biden told Abrams she had a bug on her and reached out to brush the insect off Abrams’ upper chest area. After a short pause, the interviewer remarked that she appreciated it before quickly redirecting the topic back to the climate.

After receiving accusations by many women of unwanted touches, including massages, embraces, and caresses, Biden said he would be more aware of personal space.

He said in 2019 that the shift in “social norms” was to blame for the rejection of his actions, and he understood that.

According to a July report, Biden traveled to Helsinki after being criticized for making a weird remark to a female reporter during the NATO conference in Lithuania.

The president has often been scrutinized for his strange behavior around children, and the video out of Helsinki was the latest example.

On the tarmac of the Helsinki airport, video footage captured Biden leaning onto a toddler girl in her mother’s arms. He made a gobbling gesture with his lips, then settled it on the child’s shoulder and started nibbling.

A guy nearby and the girl’s mother were laughing at the President, but the little girl looked frightened and frowned at him as he left.

A report shows that in June, actress Eva Longoria had to gently steer President Joe Biden’s hands away from her waist after they went a bit too close to her breasts during a White House visit.
After giving a speech at the showing of her directorial first film, “Flamin’ Hot,” the president hugged the actress, but his hands lingered awkwardly high on her waist until the actress hastily seized them and pulled them away.