Couple Found Dead After AC Breaks During Heatwave

A woman whose parents perished in a heat wave in Texas has called on air conditioning manufacturers to provide warnings about the dangers of remaining inside hot houses.

A report shows the bodies of Ramona and Monway Ison, 71 and 72, and their dog were discovered on June 16 at their mobile home in Baytown, Texas. Daughter Roxanna Flood revealed to Insider that her parents had been experiencing AC problems for some time and had looked into getting repairs done but were struggling to do so due to financial constraints.

Roxanna Flood said her parents were raised without central air conditioning.

The National Weather Service has warned that the high temperatures and high humidity greatly enhance the risk of heat-related diseases.

Local media reported that seven individuals in Harris County, Texas, have died since June from heat-related illnesses.

Roxana Flood said that the couple’s air conditioner had broken on June 12, and they had been struggling the previous week trying to get a loan so that they could pay to have it fixed.

They set a date for the repair to take place on June 16 and bought fans on the assumption that everything would come out OK.

A county medical examiner said the couple died in the home as a repair technician drove onto their driveway on June 16.

Flood informed the media that her parents were getting ready to leave. They probably felt it was the moment to go because it was too hot, but by the time they were discovered, it was too late.

According to Flood, the neighbor became worried when Ramona didn’t take her dog for a walk on Friday, June 16. 

The Isons didn’t ask for help when the air conditioner was giving them trouble.  

Neighbors have claimed they were devastated by the couple’s passing and said they didn’t know why the Isons never requested assistance.

The city of Houston has implemented several initiatives to assist residents in dealing with the heat. One of them is providing cooling centers