Details Laid Out In Court After Mom Smothered Her Children

The woman who was found guilty of murdering her three young kids by smothering them broke down in court as the horrific circumstances of the girls’ last moments were described.

Reports show that in their home in Timaru on New Zealand’s South Island, 42-year-old Lauren Anne Dickason is accused of murdering Karla, Maya, her two-year-old twins, and 6-year-old Liane in 2021.

She has acknowledged murdering the girls but is using insanity as her defense.

According to forensic psychologist Ghazi Metoui, Dickason had been depressed for quite some time, and a tantrum from Karla was the final straw that led her to believe that killing herself and her daughters would be a “happy ending” for the family and her husband, Graham.

The court heard that when their immigration counselor asked for further information regarding Dickason’s mental health condition and background the day before the murders, she grew worried. The family had only just immigrated from South Africa.

According to Dickason, she went completely crazy attempting to plan her escape and return to South Africa.

Dr. Metoui testified that Dickason, although feeling she couldn’t handle things after her husband departed for supper with colleagues at 7, had not planned to hurt herself or the children.

Dickason said Karla had a tantrum shortly after he departed. Dickason said that she had collected the girls into one bedroom.

She explained to Dr. Metou she couldn’t bear to think of kids growing up without a mother. She attempted to strangle the girls to death by placing wire ties around their necks, but that didn’t work. She then smothered them with their blankets.

According to a New Zealand media outlet, after nine and a half hours of deliberation, the jury in the murder trial of Lauren Dickason has not reached a judgment.

The jury saw the footage with the suspected killer again Tuesday afternoon. It was filmed the day after she murdered her three little daughters.

The court expects a verdict on the 16th.