Driving Instructor Plows Through Building’s Entrance

A driving school teacher in Colorado made an impressive entry on Tuesday.

According to reports, a Hyundai Tucson crashed into the Community Driving School in Lakewood as its driver tried to parallel park.

Photos released by Lakewood police showed the wreckage of the vehicle lodged in the front windows of the driving school, which had the sign “Learn to Drive.”

The police department declined to disclose the number of casualties but did say that bystanders avoided harm by ducking out of the way of the oncoming vehicle.
In reaction to the photo LPD posted, many X users found it humorous to poke fun at the strange occurrence.

Even 9News Denver contributed to the amusement by reporting that the school’s sign over the front entrance reads “Learn to Drive,” not “Learn to Park.”
The employee was reportedly issued a driving citation by Lakewood police.

Another tragic driver instructor report shows Malisa Stocker, a driver’s education instructor at Florida’s North Marion High, got herself in trouble in 2016 after crashing the school car on a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Stocker forged documents in an effort to conceal her tracks when she took the driver’s education vehicle in for service at the district’s bus garage.

Stocker went back to the school grounds at night with the aid of her sister to make tire tracks and gather tree bark to place on the vehicle after she claimed a student had driven into a tree. Stocker attempted to have a student sign a bogus confession making him or her responsible for the accident when it became clear that her plan was unraveling.

The fact that Stocker had crashed into the car belonging to a student’s frail grandpa only made matters worse. Stocker discouraged the guy from filing an insurance claim and blocked him from getting her contact details.

The report shows Stocker was demanded to be fired by Heidi Maier, the superintendent of schools. She claimed that Stocker fled the site of the collision without calling the police or notifying Risk Management, the school administration, or her supervisor.