Escaped Inmate Captured After Four Months On The Run

In modern America, celebrity figures have recently had a much more direct influence and vocal platform in terms of national politics than they have ever previously enjoyed in the history of the union. Indeed, following the presidential election of 2016 in which the former reality tv star and real estate business mogul from New York City Donald Trump achieved victory of the corrupt career public servant Hillary Clinton, many famous Americans have forayed into politics. Herschel Walker ran unsuccessfully for the federal senate seat in the state of Georgia, as did Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania. Arguably, those who have not ran for public office but remain visible on the sidelines have had a greater influence on American politics. Individuals like Cher, Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, and even Robert DeNiro have been open and abrasive in their political statements, transparently flaunting their progressive Democratic political views.

Despite this, when ordinary individuals achieve fame due to selfless service in the modern era due to viral videos and the internet, they should be wholly recognized and allowed to bask in the limelight. A carnival ride operator in Groves, Texas was lifted thirty feet in the air as a ride malfunctioned. The operator was employed at the Pecan Festival and working normally when a ride malfunctioned,. He had been in the process of securing a young girl on the ride when this occurred, and he maintained his hold on her while the ride moved to thirty feet up in the air. The worker amazingly held on to the doors of the ride and prevented them from opening (which could have resulted in tragedy).

In another recent development, an inmate was captured after nearly four months on the run. Somehow, an inmate who escaped a prison in western Pennsylvania was arrested after leaving a planet fitness gym in the city of Philadelphia. Somehow, the individual had managed to avoid custody for a considerable time period.