“Fake” Bud Light Commercial Goes Viral Online

New television commercials are part of what the beer business is billing as their “biggest summer campaign ever.” It has big plans for the summer, including thousands of dollars in giveaways, a partnership with NFL stars, and the sponsorship of a major music tour.

Bud Light’s official Twitter account posted a GIF of the new TV commercial with the message “Guess who’s back.”

Since conservatives called for a nationwide boycott of Bud Light in April due to the company’s association with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, sales of the brand have declined.

According to tracking numbers compiled by Nielsen IQ, Bud Light sales volume (the number of units of beer sold) was 30.3% lower in the week ending June 10 compared to the same week in 2022, the highest such reduction since the week ending April 1.

But their “Guess who’s back” seems to have also flopped.

After the new marketing campaign failed to revive the tarnished image, one resourceful social media user created an alternate ad campaign.

Twitter users complained that Bud Light hadn’t done enough to win back customers, so one user mocked up his version of what he felt the company’s new marketing campaign should look like.

They labeled the video, “This is what you SHOULD have tweeted when you came back,” which has been viewed 17,000 times.

The footage opened with the Anheuser-Busch InBev logo, the parent company of Bud Light, as Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town” played in the background and text scrolled across the bottom of the screen.

“We messed up” was the central sentiment people most wanted to hear according to the “likes” of the Tweet.

Nevertheless, Bud Light is moving ahead with its plans. Country music’s Tyler Braden and Seaforth’s names will ring out as the tour’s “Bud Light Backyard Tour” heads off.

In a “new creative” that will air just before the start of the upcoming football season, viewers can win signed memorabilia from NFL stars, including Travis Kelce, Dak Prescott, and George Kittle.

Bud Light drinkers can win $100 off their bar charges and one of ten weekly prizes of $10,000.

Unless their mistake is verbalized, and it is made clear that they do not think a man can be a woman, their efforts will remain unrewarded.