Minnesota Wedding Venue Shuts Abruptly, Leaving Couples Stranded

Isanti County, Minnesota, was the site of the coming wedding of 26-year-old bride Katelyn Stalboerger and her 185 attendants. 

Everything was perfectly planned—flowers, food, the photographer, and her dress. There was only one problem: Circle B was abruptly closed without notice, and no reimbursement was offered.  

Due to increasing prices, a changing economy, and competition from other companies, the venue, owned by Wayne and Angi Butt—who also own the Historic Furber Farm wedding site nearby Cottage Grove—was shuttered in 2023.

After learning that the beautiful barn she had selected to hold her wedding had unexpectedly closed, Stalboerger shared the devastating news and pleaded with followers for assistance on TikTok. The happy couple spent over $10,000 a year ago to secure the venue in Isanti, Minnesota. 

The $3,000 that Family Pathways paid Circle B is now gone. The venue deleted its social media accounts and severed all contact with customers. According to Zemke, the wedding will still occur on the same day; the only change will be the location. Several Minnesota venues have taken to Facebook to offer assistance by donating their space or negotiating reduced rates. 

It was reported that Stonewall Farms in Willmar was willing to offer weddings with a freewill donation to couples who have been struck by the shutdown. Another post said people may save up to 75% at The Wexford at Emerald Greens in Hastings. A recent Facebook post from Rosemount’s Genesis Ranch also offered significant savings. To help those in need, Rockwoods MN in Otsego has shared a schedule of their upcoming availability.

Couples impacted by the abrupt shutdown are not limited to Stalboerger and her fiancé. Mikayla Minikus and her fiancé had carefully saved enough for a year to secure Circle B as their wedding site for June 1. However, now they find themselves in a similar situation and are frantically trying to find another affordable option before their big day.