Feds Quietly Sabotaged Clinton Investigations

What happened to the Clinton Foundation charity? 

It received millions of dollars in foreign donations when it seemed inevitable that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 US election, only to see those donations drop by 90% when she lost.

The Durham report reveals that during the 2016 election year, the FBI’s top brass quashed investigations into the Clinton Foundation.

The FBI was looking into a tip from a Confidential Human Source (CHS) that a foreign government was donating to Clinton’s presidential campaign to gain leverage with Clinton after she became president.

When a local FBI office requested a FISA warrant to investigate the foreign contributor, FBI headquarters disregarded the request for four months out of concern that Clinton might be “involved.” 

An FBI agent said the bureau was ‘tip-toeing’ around HRC because she could be the next president.

In November 2015, the same CHS informed the FBI of another foreign government’s interest in contributing to the Clinton campaign.

That CHS would ultimately donate $2.7k to Clinton’s campaign on a foreign insider’s behalf, contravening federal law prohibiting foreign nationals’ contributions. He said the Clinton campaign was “alright with it.”

The FBI did not obtain copies of the unlawful money, and the CHS’s FBI handlers couldn’t explain how the illegal contribution had no documentation in the FBI records.

The FBI handler instead told the CHS it would be best if he stayed clear from all matters relating to Clinton’s campaign. They said it would be for his safety but didn’t know the specifics. (Arkancide?)

The investigation into “possible criminal activity involving the Clinton Foundation” was the second Clinton probe that Durham reviewed, and it provided further evidence that Clinton received preferential treatment from FBI leadership. The FBI’s New York and Little Rock Field Offices, Durham, writes in the opening statement to the Clinton Foundation case That they knew about these illegal foreign investments that the Clintons accepted.

Despite these facts, the top officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI destroyed the inquiry into the Clinton Foundation. 

Contrast this to the treatment of Trump, and one can see how the FBI is politically weaponized.