Fetterman Breaks With Party Lines In Independent Streak

The Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman certainly doesn’t just blend into the woodwork in the United States Senate. The man is 6-foot-7 and has a signature style of clothing that can be described as hobo-chic.

Fetterman had trouble understanding spoken and written English after his stroke. The program he’s using now makes it easy for him to see the exact words spoken to him on his phone. The app also displays Fetterman’s spoken remarks.

But looks and disabilities aside, Fetterman’s voting record is also his own brand. He isn’t the progressive that people thought he would be. He’s a Democrat who favors most provisions of H.R. 2, the complete bill that the House has introduced to manage the borders. He is out of the  Democrat mainstream on Israel and Hamas, supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. Furthermore, there is a senator who, in contrast to the majority of his Democratic colleagues, has been rather forthright in his criticism of the indicted Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey.

Fetterman has said that for the last few months, he’s made it his mission to align himself with his views, not those of the dogma of the collective in the Democrat party. He acknowledges that the base may not be thrilled about him, especially from a political perspective.

Within a month, three communication team members working for Fetterman left for other left-leaning offices.

Joe Calvello was Fetterman’s communications director in the Senate and his campaign in 2022. It was recently reported that Calvello would be joining Chicago Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office as the city’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Nicholas Gavio, Fetterman’s Deputy Director of Communications, announced on X that he is joining the Working Families Party as their mid-Atlantic Communications Director.

Gavio has worked for Senator Bernie Sanders’ office and Fetterman’s 2022 campaign.

Progressive ideas supported by the Working Families Party include increasing taxes on the rich, boosting the minimum wage, and improving school systems and the environment.

Recently, Fetterman has adopted a new tack, airing his opinions on Fox News. He has been rather forthright about his distaste for the “progressive” term.

Fetterman may be the new Joe Manchin.