Fox News Anchor Accuses Lawmaker Of Squirming Around Questions

On Sunday, Fox News host Arthel Neville challenged Texas Republican Rep. Pat Fallon, accusing him of sidestepping her questions on the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into President Biden, Mediaite reported.

During the interview, Neville and Fallon were discussing the subpoena sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray for the FD-1023 form alleging that then-Vice President Biden engaged in a bribery scheme with a foreign national to exchange money for policy decisions.

Fallon told Neville that the committee doesn’t just want to review the document for its contents, but it also wants to determine if the FBI did its due diligence in investigating the allegations laid out in the FD-1023.

When Neville asked Fallon if the document will exonerate Biden, the congressman said it wouldn’t since it is just “one claim” against Biden and “there are so many other” claims. He added that the Oversight Committee would follow the evidence where it leads.

Fallon pointed out that the White House and the Biden family have been stonewalling investigations into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings.

When asked if he thinks the FBI and its sources are “credible,” Fallon said he hopes they are, adding that there cannot be a two-tiered system of justice in which “one party is protected” while the other “is exposed and thrown under the bus.”

Neville then accused Fallon of “squirming” around her questions.

She said the committee is trying to set it up so that if the FD-1023 does not provide the evidence the committee is looking for, it will “keep digging.” And if the document does provide the evidence, the committee will still “keep digging.”

Neville concluded that it won’t matter what is in the document or what the FBI does, the committee will politicize it.

Fallon argued that the Oversight Committee is being fair and said he hopes that Director Wray can show that the FBI fully investigated the allegations in the FD-1023.