Hunter Biden Allegedly Tried To Divert Money To Family Members

Rep. Jamie Raskin acknowledged on NewsNation’s “Cuomo” that Hunter Biden tried to transfer monies into bank accounts under his family’s names; yet, President Joe Biden has nothing to do with that, and many family members of politicians are business people creating business deals.

Raskin said that he had only heard rumors of payments to Hunter Biden. He said Hunter ‘got himself into situations where he was paid,’ and payouts went to family members, some of whom were in the minors’ names. Raskin refuses to believe “babies” were involved in political corruption.

This was never an issue. It was that Hunter used the various family members to launder money. This does not preclude payments going to “the big guy.” Joe Biden is, without doubt, “the big guy.”

The unexpected turn of events in the investigation of Hunter Biden signals that his legal problems will continue for many months, which might harm his father’s White House and reelection campaign. On Friday, US Attorney David Weiss, who has been investigating President Joe Biden’s son, was promoted to special counsel, giving him the authority to investigate further and perhaps outside his present jurisdiction in Delaware. Because of the breakdown of an agreement last month, in which Hunter Biden was expected to get probation after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax counts and settling a felony gun charge, his legal standing has changed. Weiss said in a court statement on Friday that a trial is probable since discussions to modify the arrangement had stalled after the judge voiced reservations about the deal’s validity.

Any White House would be thrown into disarray if the president’s son were to face trial while the media was paying close attention. A further five years of scrutiny on the president’s sole surviving son, a recovering addict, would take a heavy personal toll on the president and his family.

In the following weeks, it will become apparent what legal ramifications Weiss’ request has. Weiss’s bid for heightened status raises eyebrows, given that he said he didn’t require special counsel powers and was ready to reach a plea agreement with Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that the case’s facts hadn’t altered in five years. Weiss has been asked about the scope of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and whether or if it has shifted focus from the tax and gun accusations on which it first focused under the Trump administration.