Med Student Demands Legality Of Full-Term Abortions

At a public hearing on Monday, a pro-life Wisconsin medical student stated that she would leave the state if she did not acquire the necessary training to conduct abortions, despite her support for the procedure up to the end.

A plan that would outlaw abortions beyond 14 weeks was met with approval by pro-life advocates and criticism by pro-choice ones during a legislative hearing at the state Capitol.

The bill’s co-authors, Republican State Sen. Mary Felzkowski and Republican State Rep. Amanda Nedweski claimed they were trying to satisfy those who wanted either no limitations on abortions or a complete prohibition.

Opponents of the measure said that it fails to address rape and incest by failing to provide relevant exclusions. When the health or life of the mother is in jeopardy, the 14-week plan is lifted.

Additionally, she added that Democrat Governor Tony Evers will probably reject the bill since he has already pledged to oppose any legislation that would impose additional limitations on abortions. The state’s current policy prohibits abortions after 20 weeks.

Madalynn Welch and Maya Seshan, both students at the Medical College of Wisconsin, expressed their concern to lawmakers that the proposed 14-week limit might discourage individuals in the state from pursuing careers as licensed obstetricians.

As Welch stepped up to the microphone, she shared her thoughts on the subject of abortion access and how it may affect future doctors.

Furthermore, Welch threatened to leave Wisconsin if she was unable to acquire abortion training this year or continue performing abortions professionally.

No one appeared satisfied with Monday’s hearing on the proposed plan, which Democratic Governor Tony Evers has promised to veto. Many in the medical field, including doctors, social workers, and students, saw it as a move against pregnant women’s autonomy in healthcare decision-making.

Anti-abortion organizations and individuals provided the bulk of the comments opposed to the measure. Together with other anti-abortion activists, members of the Heal Without Harm coalition—which includes the Wisconsin Catholic Conference and the anti-abortion organizations Pro-Life Wisconsin, Wisconsin Family Action, and Wisconsin Right to Life—sharply criticized Republican lawmakers for considering options other than a complete abortion ban.