Mike Pence Claims No Plan To Testify Against Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence said on Sunday that while he has no plans to testify against Donald Trump at trial, he will “respond to the call of the law,” The Hill reported.

While appearing on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Pence was asked by host Major Garrett if he would be a witness for the prosecution when Trump is tried for attempting to overturn the 2020 election and remain in office.

Pence pointed out that he “didn’t want to have anything to do” with the January 6 select committee, explaining that it was a “partisan committee” that was, from the start, “just politics.”

Pence added that he was also one of the first to denounce Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Trump as well as the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. He explained that doing so was standing “firmly for the rule of law.”

Pence also noted that he challenged the scope of testimony he could provide to the grand jury in the special counsel’s investigation and won. He said while he has “no plans to testify” at trial if he is subpoenaed, he will “respond to the call of the law.”

Pence said since Trump was indicted, more Americans have expressed their appreciation for what he did on January 6, 2021. He said he took an oath in January 2017 to “support and defend the Constitution,” adding that he made that oath to the people and God and he kept it “every single day,” including on January 6.

The special counsel’s latest indictment, for which Trump has pleaded not guilty, alleges that Trump and his allies pressured state and federal officials to alter the election results based on knowingly false claims about the election.

The indictment describes in detail the scheme to assemble a slate of fraudulent electors in multiple states as well as the subsequent attempts by Trump and his allies to coerce then-Vice President Pence to use the fraudulent electors in place of the electors certified by the states when Congress certified the election on January 6, 2021.