New Bill Could Close Wyoming’s Last Abortion Facility

In Wyoming, the last abortion center might be forced to shut down, at least temporarily, as a result of a measure that is now being considered by the state’s legislature.

The Wyoming House of Representatives recently gave its support to House Bill 0148, which seeks to regulate abortion providers as ambulatory surgery centers. The bill is now seeking approval from the state’s senators.

It was asserted by Julie Burkhart, the owner of Wellspring Health Access and a former associate of George Tiller, an abortionist who performed late-term abortions, that the act would result in the closure of the clinic located in Casper, Wyoming. In an interview with a taxpayer-funded radio station, she is confident they would be forced to shut down for some time.

American doctor George Richard Tiller was well-known for his late-term abortions and his support of abortion rights. He was assassinated on May 31, 2009.

After shooting Dr. George Tiller in the foyer of the doctor’s Wichita church while he was acting as an usher, Scott Roeder was found guilty in 2010 of premeditated murder in the first degree.

According to a local source, the law would establish a $1,000 criminal penalty for each infraction and mandate licensure for surgical abortion facilities and doctors who provide abortions inside the state. In addition to requiring clinics to report to the state, HB 148 would establish civil accountability for harm stemming from abortions. It is yet up to the state court to decide whether or not to strike down a law that would outlaw nearly all of abortions in the Wyoming.

According to Lifesite News, the Life is a Human Right Act prohibits pharmacological or surgical abortions unless there is proof of rape, incest, or the mother’s life is in danger.  Although there are exceptions to the law regarding abortion, pro-life advocates say that every unborn child deserves protection against abortion. The conditions surrounding conception do not dictate human rights.