New Book Accuses Biden Of No Remorse For Afghanistan Withdrawal

An upcoming book asserts that Biden maintains he is faultless in his botched pullout from Afghanistan, which resulted in the deaths of thirteen servicemen and saw Afghans hanging to the wheel wells of American military cargo planes as they departed.

In 2021, before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the United States sent 6,000 soldiers to the airport in Kabul to help evacuate thousands of people who were in dire need of escape. Despite the mayhem and danger, citizens flocked to Abbey Gate, the last public access that remained. Thirteen servicemen and about one hundred seventy Afghan civilians would perish when the suicide bomber detonated his weapon there.

Three mothers who were present at the solemn transfer ceremony at Dover Air Force Base reportedly complained to ABC News that Biden’s repeated checking of his wristwatch checks was disrespectful and disgusting.

A report suggests that this perfectly illustrates how far off from reality President Biden is. His popularity plummeted following the withdrawal and has since remained low.

The casualties, the quantity of equipment left behind, and the manner in which the withdrawal was conducted appalled and angered Americans throughout the nation.

No one volunteered to step down after the withdrawal, partly because the president didn’t think anybody had erred. It was inevitable that the war’s conclusion would be chaotic, argues the book’s author, Alexander Ward.

As one White House source informed Ward, the prospect of a shakeup was nonexistent.  Biden purportedly assured White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan and other senior staffers that his team performed their best given the circumstances, and Biden swore to stick by them.

As mayhem and confusion erupted at the Kabul airport, the author asserts that Biden was aware he was making empty promises to evacuate all Americans from the country.

An anonymous White House source told Ward that no one here thought they could come through on the promise to keep soldiers on the ground until every U.S. citizen had an option to escape.