New Study: Left-Wingers More Likely To Be Mentally Ill

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, the world at large has been altered in largely negative ways for humanity as a whole. In every area of public and  private life for individuals in the western world in particular, existence is simply not the same. Millions of people died from the virus and the medical and physical effects of the pandemic were undoubtedly the worst in urban centers. In America, first amendment rights were arguably violated in many states as progressive Democratic governors (and even Republicans placed restrictions on the ability of individuals to publicly worship and gather outside the home. In New Jersey, even the Thanksgiving holiday of 2020 and citizens abilities to gather privately together in their homes was questioned by the state government.

In classrooms across the country, Democrats continue to push new curriculums that aim to transform the concept of gender and the traditional family at large. In New Jersey, parents are up in arms across the state as Democratic governor Phil Murphy introduced guidance which took away parental authority and notification in school affairs if a child decides he or she wants to identify as transgender. In Washington D.C., the Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education Subcommittee Chairman Representative Aaron Bean of Florida once again brought the concerns of parents to light, claiming that the federal government under President Biden has also pushed these ideologies.

Progressives continue to push insane ideologies and target children and the education field as a way to indoctrinate America’s next generation of citizens. Unsurprisingly, a new study has alleged that those who subscribe to radical leftists’ ideologies are much more likely to suffer from mental illness than those who are more conservative. This is no surprise; the extreme nature of the positions of the modern left and the fact that Christian principles have been removed from the American public sphere should easily combine to make mental instability more likely.