Ramaswamy Defends Controversial GOP Endorsee

As the calendar year of 2024 begins, the United States nears it’s next presidential election. In truth, while the attention of many ordinary citizens is likely focused on many other issues other than the upcoming contest for the presidency, there can be no denying that the national political climate is one of extreme division, polarization and intensity. Therefore, as the election approaches, it is likely that a hyper-focus will be placed on it by many politicians, media pundits, celebrity figures, legal experts, and everyone in between. In the Republican party, the former 45th President Donald Trump maintains a huge lead over several other challengers. Despite facing four criminal indictments and even an unprecedented legal ruling in which leftist activists were able to persuade the Colorado Supreme Court to completely misinterpret the constitution and the 14th amendment to bar him from the presidential primary ballot Trump remains the party frontrunner.

Trump currently holds a near 50 point lead over the two nearest challengers to his dominance, Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis, both polling at around 12%. Indeed, it is truly remarkable to see that Trump’s support continues to grow as attacks on him by leftists and establishment Republicans through the media, political avenues and even legal and judicial actions continue to mount. In the Democratic party, president Biden appears to be the choice for the DNC, and it is likely that a rematch of the closely contested 2020 election will occur.

One Republican still in the race (but polling in the single digits), Vivek Ramaswamy has come under criticism for a controversial endorsement. The former congressional representative named Steve King from Iowa recently endorsed him for president. King had been censored by Republicans for making comments about the necessity for a border wall, a revival of American national identity, and for railing against non-western immigration in any form. Ramaswamy, to his credit, defended the endorsement, welcoming it and defending Steve King.