Reporter Tries To Ambush Ron DeSantis On Camera

At the Iowa State Fairgrounds, where GOP presidential candidates gathered on Saturday, Vaughn Hillyard approached DeSantis and posed a difficult question.

Alex Witt commended the MSNBC journalist for persistently asking Gov. Ron DeSantis a question about his primary opponent, Donald Trump, even though he had no desire to comment about him.

Hillyard’s incessantly questioned while DeSantis navigated through a crowd of individuals.

He wanted to know what he made of Trump’s absence.

DeSantis continued walking and chose not to acknowledge, saying he was happy to be there, loved the people, and believed it was a great event. He said the campaign made lots of friends and hoped to make more.

Witt thanked Hillyard for asking the question to DeSantis that she had encouraged him to ask, overjoyed that the reporter “got him!”  She was happy he made it awkward, boxing DeSantis in, “unable to get away” from him.

She congratulated Hillyard.

All potential candidates for the 2024 Republican nomination attended Sen. Joni Ernst’s (R-IA) annual Roast and Ride event in Des Moines, except for Donald Trump, who is currently leading in the polls. Earlier in the week, Trump criticized DeSantis and other candidates while in Iowa, calling them “stupid.”

DeSantis expressed frustration with people approaching him to discuss various topics before leaving abruptly.

Critics have faulted DeSantis for his poor bedside manner. According to former Rep. David Trott (R-MI), his congressional colleague from Florida never spoke to him when he was new to Congress. Trott said that he thought he was “an a**hole.”

DeSantis is a popular figure among Republican voters in his state but has drawn criticism from liberals for implementing what he refers to as “anti-woke policies.”

Recent surveys have shown Florida Governor Ron DeSantis behind his Republican rival, former President Donald J. Trump, with an average support level of approximately 20%. As Mr. Trump’s support has grown and Mr. DeSantis’ has shrunk over the past three months, the distance between them has widened.

According to a Quinnipiac survey conducted between May 18 and 22, Mr. DeSantis had support from only 25% of Republican voters, while Mr. Trump received support from 56%, more than tripling the edge the former president had over the Florida governor since late March. Mr. DeSantis does better in the polls than his other G.O.P. primary candidates; all stuck in the low single digits.