Russian, Chinese Warships Detected Near Alaska

Reports reveal that after discovering a fleet of 11 Russian and Chinese vessels operating in Alaskan waters, the United States took the extraordinary step of sending four warships to the Aleutian Islands.

Republicans Dan Sullivan (AK) and Lisa Murkowski (AK) verified the warships’ location and emphasized the issue’s gravity. In their declaration, Senator Sullivan raised the alarm about the coordinated naval actions between Russia and China.

The 11 warships are jointly operated by the Chinese and Russians, who are increasingly cooperating, and essentially conducting navigating operations and incursions into Alaska’s surroundings. Sullivan said that it was unprecedented for Alaska and America.

Reports show the U.S. reaction was more effective than it was during a similar episode the previous Summer when Chinese and Russian fleets conducted maneuvers off the coast of Alaska. Compared to the weak response the United States government gave the last time, Senator Sullivan is pleased with the current response because it recognizes the necessity of safeguarding vital national interests.

Senator Murkowski echoed the comments, highlighting Alaska’s vital position in close proximity to China and Russia. She argued that more resources should be invested in the military in Alaska because of the state’s importance to national security and territorial sovereignty.

An Alaskan news outlet reports that the Russian fleet is superior to the state of Alaska’s defense capability, and that might determine who controls the Arctic in terms of geopolitics.

While the safety of Alaskans is not in jeopardy, some may feel uneasy about the proximity of foreign military ships. It serves as a wake-up call for Senatore Sullivan that there is more to be done for Alaska.

Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the nation combined, and it also has 6 Coast Guard, Army, Space Force, and Air Force outposts. The absence of preexisting marine infrastructure makes the construction of a naval installation, shipyard, or similar structures challenging. However, this may change in a few years.